Friday, February 12, 2010

Memotong Rambut Panjang Pelajar Lelaki Mengikut Peraturan Sekolah

I'm sure that the girls out there will love the pictures that i have posted this time round but on a more serious note, this is for all the male students. A letter was given out to all male students today (12/2/2010) to remind them about the rules and regulations regarding their hair.

According to the school rules:
2. Peraturan sekolah mengenai rambut pelajar lelaki adalah seperti berikut:-
2.1 Di bahagian hadapan - Rambut tidak menutup garisan tengah dahi
2.2 Di bahagian sisi telinga - Rambut tidak menutup kedua-dua telinga atau sebahagian daripadanya. Jambang tidak boleh melebihi separuh bahagian telinga
2.3 Di bahagian belakang - Rambut tidak boleh mencecah kolar baju
2.4 - Rambut tidak boleh diwarnakan, berfesyen and bergel
So, when the school reopens after the CNY break, male students have been advised to get proper haircuts and avoid meeting the school barber. Yes, it is official that the school administrators and the PIBG have agreed to employ the services of a barber to cut the hairs of students who break these rules mentioned above. Haircut sessions will commence from the 22nd to the 24th of February 2010. Please do not expect a Robert Pattinson hairdo or even an Adam Lambert punk do as the school barber's style will be one that adheres to the rules and regulations of the school.

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